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Welcome Page

Mimi Barbour, New York Times and USA Today Best-selling author

Hi There!

Doesn’t life throw out some weird twists and turns to make the day-to-day interesting? For instance, in 2007, I chose to enter a contest from the Wild Rose Press and ended up publishing with them for a number of years. Today, as an Indie author, I have over twenty books for sale.

I started off writing “The Vicarage Bench” series, which is about people who—through the magic of a rose thorn—end up spirit-traveling into someone else’s body. Trust me; it adds a lot of conflict into a romance, but also humor and pathos. My characters suffer, but in the end, I make sure they reap their rewards.

Next, I decided to branch out into angel stories so I began writing the “Angels with Attitudes” series. Because I loved TV shows like Highway to Heaven and Touched by an Angel, I determined that my poor, misguided characters could finally win their true love with the help of certain celestial beings. Except, my angels have more devilment in them than any angels you ever met.

Now it’s time to admit my weakness in order to explain about the next series taking place in Vegas. I’m hooked on cop shows and I really enjoy the action and excitement of Vegas. So naturally when I decided to write romantic suspense, I put the two together and came up with an explosive series. There’s a lot of fast-paced, thrilling action to keep you turning the pages. The fans have loved this about the “Vegas” series.

So…wanting to please those people I adore, I’ve started a comparable series called “Undercover FBI.”  It’s similarly thrilling, has lots of heart-stopping moments but each book will stand on its own. Therefore, you’ll be able to buy any novel without having to follow any order. The first book is called Special Agent Francesca and was enjoyed by many readers whose wonderful reviews prompted me to write the second book, which I called Special Agent Finnegan. It’s now been released and so has the third in the series Special Agent Maximilian. Because the readers love these character-driven blockbusters so much, the fourth in he series is on the plotting table at this moment. Special Agent Kandice will be released before Christmas 2015.

And to make life just a bit more interesting, I’ve also started working on a set of books that have become very dear to my heart. As a teen, I was madly in love with The King, Elvis Presley. To this day, I feel there’s no one who can take his place in the sexy-singer role. He had it all, looks, charisma and a fabulous voice. Therefore, I believe that his songs need to be revisited as love stories. The first in the Elvis Series is a book called She’s Not You and was released last Christmas. Another in the series called Love Me Tender was published this past summer. Soon, I will be sponsoring a Facebook event to find out the title for my third book….more to come.

It’s been nice talking with you. Have a fabulous day…